Is YouTube really worth six times more budget spend in 2016?

An article written in the Guardian this week has reported that Google is claiming YouTube advertisements are much more effective

Video of the week – Wrecking Ball Parody

This week I was up in Newcastle attending Thinking Digital a cracking digital conference/experience “for those who have a desire

Grumpy Cat goes to Disney

My life is finally complete as today I am researching social campaigns that use cats – yes I know. However,

Bodyform Facebook crisis response is true genius

Another week and another brilliant PR stunt – this time it was the Bodyform Facebook page that earlier received a

Fancy a private jet? An online marketing campaign says get yourself out for dinner then

I came across an interesting online campaign this week which I thought was rather recently, Club Individual is the free

KLM’s social media strategy video long but pretty good

Here is an interesting video that has been created for/by the airline KLM on its social media strategy which I

BBC Correspondent Nick Robinson loses the plot and becomes a YouTube hit

This has amused me this morning, BBC correspondent Nick Robinson was filming a link for the BBC on Wednesday when