Bored student

The importance of WANTING to do PR work experience.

I have noticed a change in attitude over recent years of students that have picked PR or journalism degrees. For

Types of PRs

The Top Five Personalty Types Of PR People

The thriving PR agency is a vibrant place with a fine assortment of characters and personality types. The merging of



For those of you that missed my team’s little note last week, I am delighted to announce that my agency,

Andy Murray’s tears could be the PR moment he connected with the public

Unless you have been hidden under a rock for the last fortnight, you can’t have failed to miss the Wimbledon

The Top 25 UK PR and social media blogs– in my humble opinion

This is a guest post written by good friend and colleague Zubair, you can follow him on Twitter @souljaof4tune and

The Golden Rules of PR

Adrian Bridgwater, a freelance journalist and social media friend of mine tweeted yesterday that he was going to share his

Are online PR specialists becoming SEO practitioners by default?

I attended an SEO conference last week because I wanted to do some initial research and listen to how SEO

Social media should be driven by PR people

I have been reading lots of posts about the recent SEO and PR debate which has been raging on Twitter

The top UK PR Blogs Revealed

I was reading a post this morning from Matthew Watson who has pulled together an interesting list of the top