Christian Bale uses social media by accident

Hollywood actor Christian Bale used social media to its maximum potential yesterday, purely by accident, after losing his cool on

Amusing viral: New Apple Wheel MacBook – with no Keyboard!

Here is another entertaining viral, which has been created by The Onion an online satirical newspaper. The clip is basically

A brilliant spy gadget and becoming an international man of mystery

I know what you’re thinking – why the title? Well, two reasons firstly because its tenuously linked to James Bond

HD DVD about to die a death

As predicted it seems Toshiba is about to throw in the towel with its HD DVD format. The BBC article

Blu-Ray dominates and begins to look like VHS

A while ago I wrote on my blog that I felt Sony had got it right with Blu-Ray and they

Cloverfield – hit or a miss???

Well after hearing a rave review from Chris Moyles and comedy Dave on  Radio 1 last week, I  decided to

Penguin and MySpace search for new James bond theme

Bond fans are getting the chance to become part of 007 history by getting the opportunity to write the music