Facebook stories

Here’s the reason why Facebook stories are failing

On the first day, Evan Spiegal created Snapchat. On the second day, Mark Zuckerberg pioneered a huge infiltration of clone


Are Instagram business profiles the end for organic reach?

As of April 2016, Instagram had around 400 million users worldwide and is one of the fastest growing social networks.


Great Instagram Engagement campaign by Audi

I came across this clip on YouTube on a brilliant social media campaign by Audi in Sweden. The campaign was


Report: Instagram is officially the platform of choice for brand engagement

I read some interest thoughts the other day, extensive research carried out by business intelligence tool L2 revealed that an

Instagram profiting from our pictures makes me want to vomit

Instagram has just announced changes to its terms of service which have annoyed pretty much anyone, anywhere including me. The

How to effectively measure the power of Pinterest!

Pinterest is still the social network of the moment despite Instagram making waves over the last twelve months. You simply cannot