Social media guidelines must now be drawn up for footballers

This weekend was interesting as a Liverpool FC fan, we lost a manager who was a nice chap but didn’t


Football manager 2011 launches its campaign with new charity innovation

A friend of mine dropped me a note about this new campaign yesterday and I thought it was worth discussing

Should the Spaniard Mikel Arteta now play for a British team?

The Everton Footballer Mikel Arteta (of Spanish nationality) is now eligible for a British passport (and so he can commit



David Beckham out of the world cup a PR win or Fail?

So we heard late last night the news that we all feared David Beckham isn’t going to make it to

Manchester Utd say no to social networking

I read an interesting post yesterday that made me sit up and scratch my head. The article was all about

Liverpool FC winning the social media battle

Revolution magazine reported an interesting story this week that my beloved Liverpool FC is now officially the first English Premier

Football clubs now using social networking channels hurray!

I loved the story last week about Chelsea starting to use Twitter to communicate directly with fans. Basically, Chelsea FC

Could football teams benefit from using social media?

As a keen football fan, I was interested to read an article on Brand Republic reporting that Chelsea FC has

Sir Alex is the real PR master

Sir Alex piped up this morning saying he isn’t worried about Chelsea as most of the team are over 30

Why I have backed Portugal at the Euros this summer!

Apologies to all of you who aren’t football fans but as I love football I thought I should do a