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The Top Ten Weight Lifting Blogs

With the end of the year quickly approaching I know we are all out wining and dining in the PR


Yorkshire’s Top 20 Bloggers

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I do like to share any blogger lists we have

The Top 25 UK PR and social media blogs– in my humble opinion

This is a guest post written by good friend and colleague Zubair, you can follow him on Twitter @souljaof4tune and

The top 15 questions all corporate bloggers should ask themselves

I have noticed quite a number of corporate blogs recently that have been updated regularly but they don’t seem to

Stop thinking about the spiders..

Another rant I am afraid. I am sick of coming across extremely poor blogs that are being used as dumping

The UK’s top 20 Gardening Blogs

As always in the Prohibition offices we have been doing some blogger research recently. We have been looking at some of the

Piano Keys

Imogen Heap launches an innovative crowd sourced album campaign

I love it when somebody uses social media a little differently, rather than following the sheep and simply setting up


The perfect blogger outreach campaign – infographic

I was reading my feeds this morning and came across this little gem from our friend Darren Rowse at Problogger.

New social media study reveals more than half start a corporate blog for SEO goals

I am always reading (or viewing infographics) on the latest statistics about Facebook’s mobile usage increasing, Bebo being on the

How important is social media in the sales process – an interview with Chris Norton

This is an interview with me conducted by sales and motivational speaker and blogger Gavin Ingham, his original post is

Increase your web traffic by more than half with a blog

I read some interesting statistics from a study this morning that has backed up what lots of us working in