Miss Piggy attacks Fox News in UK Press Conference

I love this short clip, in it Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy hit back at Fox News during a

An amusing song about Gillian Mckeith from Brett Domino

I spotted this on Twitter this morning shared by Simon Apps. Its a song all about Gillian McKeith and her

BBC Correspondent Nick Robinson loses the plot and becomes a YouTube hit

This has amused me this morning, BBC correspondent Nick Robinson was filming a link for the BBC on Wednesday when

How to get a journalist to honour your embargo even when your product is crap

I had to share this today as it made me smile, Tom Murphy placed this video on his blog at

United breaks guitars – video shows the power of social media

The musician Dave Carroll was taking a trip to Nebraska when he and his band members noticed that their guitars

Evian viral keeps on going

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the latest viral doing the rounds from Evian, which has secured almost

Clever viral video from Samsung

You all know how much I like a good viral, well Samsung is reportedly about to release a new 12

My top 25 tracks for a Friday afternoon

One of my favourite journalist bloggers Sally Whittle has tagged Jed, Louise and I. She has challenged us to share our

Analyse your swearing on Twitter using Cursebird

Do you swear on Twitter? If you do, why not use this new service to find out how often? Cursebird