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Prohibition’s Video Showreel for 2020

2019 was a record year for us at Prohibition and I am delighted to say we won a number of awards for our clever content marketing campaigns from both the CIPR and Prolific North.

However, the clever brilliant work tends to be done by my team around various boardroom tables as we get together and come up with new ideas to make creative podcasts, infographics, media stories, gifs and videos. In the last twelve months alone our video team has produced more than 80 videos for 40 different clients from across lots of different sectors. Some of the quality of these videos is so high – they are actual TV commercials featuring on British TV over the busy Christmas period. I find it staggering to think that people in PR Agencies are now developing advertising campaigns that are working. It really does feel a little crazy but nobody owns the right to a great idea. A good idea is a good idea and it can transcend media or industry specialism.

Every year we tend to go back through our archives and pull some of the finest video productions we have created that year and develop our annual Prohibition Showreel. This is from last year:

Here is our agency sizzle reel for 2020 – I hope you like.

If you want to develop a clever content marketing campaign this year, feel free to drop me a line.

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