PR Stunt Alert – Who is Gregory and Gregory?

Who doesn’t love a good old tasting surprise PR stunt? And here is the most recent example with our friendly baker Greggs fooling a load of foodies at a food festival. They all think they are trying some local artisan delights when really the food being tasted is available in your local Greggs. A great little stunt and the video is well put together so a big hat tip to the PR team at Greggs for this one.

Here’s the campaign bumf:

“Who is Gregory and Gregory?” Greggs went undercover to showcase our new summer lunch menu to foodies… but with a twist. Our new menu includes an oriental chicken sticky rice salad, a feta and beetroot dip salad with a roast vegetable grain and our first ever vegan addition – a Mexican bean wrap. Here’s our covert video showing food fans praising our tapas-style dishes served from a hipster deli called ‘Gregory and Gregory.’ Watch their stunned reactions as we tell them they’re actually eating from Greggs.


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