How important is social media in the sales process – an interview with Chris Norton

This is an interview with me conducted by sales and motivational speaker and blogger Gavin Ingham, his original post is

BBC Correspondent Nick Robinson loses the plot and becomes a YouTube hit

This has amused me this morning, BBC correspondent Nick Robinson was filming a link for the BBC on Wednesday when

Poll: How many times should people share links to their articles on Twitter?

I have seen quite a few people online sharing the same links to their articles on Twitter recently. I have

How reliable do we expect our social networks and tools to be now?

I was reading an interesting post by Patricio Robels this morning on econsultancy entitled: Can brands trust social media platforms?

Is it still right in 2010 for businesses to block the use of social networks?

I was presenting at the Wealth Enhancement Forum last week on social media and the business opportunity it presents. I