How to select the right social media company

I read an interesting dual post from Todd Defren and Paula Drum offering some top tips for social media marketers. 

A quick tip to protect your social media identities

Working in the magical world of social media, we are regularly looking to create accounts for clients across various social

Advertising still works – Yells sales increase by 70%

Just as we all started to think that advertising revenues were dropping off from the more traditional channels. Something has

Oparla uses social media for its searches

I received an outreach approach this morning about a new search engine which has been launched to rival the likes

Another social network struggling to make money

As marketers, advertisers and PR practitioners are all scratching their collective heads looking at ways to benefit from using social

Football clubs now using social networking channels hurray!

I loved the story last week about Chelsea starting to use Twitter to communicate directly with fans. Basically, Chelsea FC