Integration is now the key to effective public relations

I have been busy this last week preparing and then running a social media workshop with a new client. Basically,

Is the media killing itself?

With the recent and growing decline of traditional newspapers there are several theories being touted around that could be attributed

Twitter officially overtaking traditional news sources

Following the story that Twitter was first to report the plane crash in the Hudson River story. Tech Crunch has

Criminals stealing your CVs from social networking sites

I read an article in this morning’s Telegraph about criminals now sourcing and then stealing CV details and then applying

YouTube bans music videos – better get a couple in quick then

I am sure you have all heard the latest that YouTube is to remove all of the music video content

My top 25 tracks for a Friday afternoon

One of my favourite journalist bloggers Sally Whittle has tagged Jed, Louise and I. She has challenged us to share our