An interview with Chris Lake

I am a bit tired today following a busy night at a client event in Huddersfield. For the event we

Wolfstar holds celebratory party in London

Well back in the office today after a busy night in London with the team and the Rt Hon Hilary



My quick tip on how to get a cheap loan at just 2.9% today

Ok I admit this is an unusual post for me, as it is off topic for once, but it is

What Twitter is not

As Twitter continues to become more and more mainstream it seems everyone now has opinion on what Twitter is and

Social media should be driven by PR people

I have been reading lots of posts about the recent SEO and PR debate which has been raging on Twitter

Analyse your swearing on Twitter using Cursebird

Do you swear on Twitter? If you do, why not use this new service to find out how often? Cursebird – new online dance music community is launched

A new online dance music community has been launched which uses a lot of web 2.0 functions to give its

Top 50 Twitter users in Yorkshire

Twitter has been in the media far too much recently as it continues to become much more mainstream. There are

Facebook – to add or not to add?

Do you share your Facebook details with clients and new business prospects or do you prefer to use linked-in for

Word-of-mouth vouchers are saving Pizza Express

We all know that we are now locked in a recession, negative news everyday and Mr Peston has officially become

Christian Bale uses social media by accident

Hollywood actor Christian Bale used social media to its maximum potential yesterday, purely by accident, after losing his cool on

Communication during the snow – new Skype announced

Ebay announced recently that it has decided to sell Skype as it doesn’t fit within its current business model –