I think we want social media but we don’t really know why!

I have had a few interesting new business meetings recently with intelligent marketers from brands across several industries and I

Tyson Vs Holyfield is one PR stunt too far

Mike Tyson Vs Evander Holyfield all those years ago was an exciting flight albeit slightly alarming. Two of the world’s

Who do you think should make the call?

I have heard a few arguments recently for and against who should make that all important sell-in call to the

Kyte used to promote music artists on our mobiles

Marketing Magazine has reported that Universal Music has signed a global deal with Web 2.0 service Kyte to develop branded

Are people really still ignoring the power of Twitter?

I read an interesting post by Stan Schroeder today stating that European companies and PRs still don’t like Twitter. In

Amusing viral: New Apple Wheel MacBook – with no Keyboard!

Here is another entertaining viral, which has been created by The Onion an online satirical newspaper. The clip is basically

Friends Reunited not worth what ITV paid for it in 2005

As the credit crunch continues to bite and more retailers and companies go the wall it seems the same may