Blogging is dead! No it isn’t!

I may be a bit late to reply on this but there has been quite a bit of coverage on

Wolfstar appoints another new account manager

Please excuse my blatant self-promotion but I thought I would keep my blog up to date with the latest announcement

Fantastic execution of a viral video

I was just finishing this post when I noticed my colleague Stuart had beaten me to the chase but I

Myspace launches social application competition

Tech Crunch has recently reported that Myspace has launched a new developer competition to create “the best sustainably social application.”It

Warning blogger relations mustn’t be rushed!

Yesterday, I was speaking to a friend who works in the public sector and they asked me if I would

Finally a perk in PR trialling the new Xperia X1

Now I will be honest I don’t get many perks in this job, so I thought this was worth a

Football manager press conference = 52 swear words

Here is a recording of the press conference that was given by the new Newcastle FC football manager yesterday. Joe