Being an intern in a public relations agency

I have just read a great post on PRsquared about what it’s like doing an internship at a public relations

Viral Guinness video causing a stir

It seems Guinness’ marketing team isn’t too happy about a spoof viral video which has appeared on YouTube. The video,

Could football teams benefit from using social media?

As a keen football fan, I was interested to read an article on Brand Republic reporting that Chelsea FC has

Gypsy social network honoured for helping the Romany community

A social network dedicated to helping gypsy travellers stay in touch has received an industry award. Savvychavvy won the Comnmunity

Are we all getting carried away with Obama?

I was watching the news last night as I normally do when I saw Senator Obama address 200,000 people in

Top ten tips for PR students whilst on work experience

I did work experience when I was at university as part of my degree and ever since I have always

Sir Alex is the real PR master

Sir Alex piped up this morning saying he isn’t worried about Chelsea as most of the team are over 30

Chris Lake and his team are now blogging

The team blog from Chris Lake’s label, Rising Music, has been developing quickly and includes posts from the man himself.

dot-com crash 2.0?

Rufus Jay has written an article in this week’s Marketing Week that has raised some questions as to whether social

Do you want a job working in social media?

Well it’s been a busy seven months but our hard work at Wolfstar is finally starting to pay off. We

Why doesn’t Google rank itself 10 out of 10?

Today Sam Oakely and I were having a little chuckle in the office at Google’s page ranking system. You can

Star Wars Gym – Something to cheer you up

Todd Defren made my morning today when I started reading his latest post. Unfortunately, he has just had to have