Social media uptake is slow with UK advertisers but surprisingly budget isn’t the problem

I have seen a few interesting articles this morning reporting that social media hasn’t been utilised as much as was

A brilliant spy gadget and becoming an international man of mystery

I know what you’re thinking – why the title? Well, two reasons firstly because its tenuously linked to James Bond

Friendfeed is it just another social networking tool?

Well not a day goes by that we don’t seem to be sent a new social networking tool to test

Extreme street football video – supplied by a friend

I have just received the attached video by email, which Seb and I thought was very cool. A big thanks

FT social network doesn’t have longevity

I picked up The Guardian this morning and read an interesting article by Mark Sweney about the Financial Times which

Guardian, Daily Mail and Facebook figures all arrive at once

We seem to be getting bombarded with figures on circulations and readerships at the moment but I thought I would

Online audience to be included in ABC figures

I have just read an interesting post from Roy Gleenslade reporting that online unique users and circulation figures will now

Artificial Intelligence becomes the new Dragon’s Den.

I have just read an interesting post on Tech Digest about a new start-up company called YouNoodle (I am loving

HD DVD about to die a death

As predicted it seems Toshiba is about to throw in the towel with its HD DVD format. The BBC article

Personalised home pages using Ajax – which to choose?

I have been contacted today and due to my interest in Netvibes, kindly asked if I would write about Pageflakes

Blu-Ray dominates and begins to look like VHS

A while ago I wrote on my blog that I felt Sony had got it right with Blu-Ray and they

eBay is making a mistake by removing two way dialogue

I have just read an article on BBC News informing me that eBay is to remove the opportunity for sellers