Penguin and MySpace search for new James bond theme

Bond fans are getting the chance to become part of 007 history by getting the opportunity to write the music

Nokia looking to launch mobile Facebook

I read an interesting article in the Guardian this morning which said Nokia are reportedly in meetings with Facebook to

Digital Communications is challenging search engine optimisation

There was an interesting article (paywall) which appeared in the last edition of PR Week which underlined a number of

Sharp’s Digital TV recorder seems to have the right blend

Well after much badgering and lecturing from my boss Mr Stuart Bruce about how great digital TV recorders are, I

My week in the media – Chris Norton

My esteemed colleague Mr Stuart Bruce has tagged me (AGAIN) with the ‘My week in the media’ meme. So I

Blu-Ray starts to win the PR battle

It seems Sony’s Blu-Ray format is finally winning the public relations battle of the high definition formats. Blu-Ray and HD

Eight things you don’t know about me

Stuart Bruce has tagged me with the ‘Eight things you don’t know about me’ meme. So here goes: I came

Is social media a waste of time in business?

Here is an interesting blog post I found whilst researching something for a client this morning. Basically Jim Tobin from

Celebrating New Year in the Lake District

I celebrated the new year in the Lake District with my wife, Jacob and several of my friends. We hired